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Tessa Lin Wang is 20 years old and from Singapore. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising at Temasek Polytechnic. Alongside her education, she has worked as a Visual Merchandiser for two international labels and gained experience in different areas of the fashion industry. In 2014, Tessa also founded NINTH Magazine - a tri-monthly digital publication to enliven her Creative and Art Direction goals.

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A poem collector, a brinjal lover. 

A fashion enthusiast who always makes space for more shoes and a personal-record breaker when it comes to long-winded writing.

SuedeFingers started out as an outlet for
casual pieces of writing and went public 2 years later.
Today, it displays personal writing, opinions, and is home to my digital publication, NINTH. This has been a platform for me to practise journalism and where my dreams are etched across every corner!

I grasp strongly onto having goals and fighting for what I want, and I hope to study fashion in London someday - there's no place I'd rather be. (Well, other than mom's kitchen)