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A year old

Tessa Lin Wang

Like every other issue, the most exciting part about fashion and food coming together in marriage has to be the space for absurd ideas. 

And you can actually get away with it.

"NINTH, oh NINTH. You've been such a pain. You can kill. You can stretch tolerance levels to the highest of the highest. You can make one cry at 4am. It's always between you and school work - why the love triangle, my dear? You've tested limitations. You've thrown us right smack in the middle of a road - becoming the 21st Century tourist attraction in Chinatown. Okay fine, that was my fault." 

In celebration of NINTH's birthday, here's an editorial shot by all-time-favourite Christopher Leow. Also featuring a special conversation with Dylan Ong, co-brainchild of Saveur and The SAVEUR Group, as shot by Sarah Tan.
Read up on the inspiration here

NINTH has always been like a love letter to fashion, my passions and for people who've been here since day one or along the way. Thank you for all that love, and cheers to blowing out its first ever candle!

Lots of love but no cakes,

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