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Advance to 'Go'

Tessa Lin Wang

On a  more cut-the-crap approach, a different kind of happy has surfaced. (And I can proceed to collect $2)

A summary of this post:
2. Don’t get me wrong, I still wash my hair.
3. I talk less about raisin bagels compared to last year - zucchini is in, hun.
4. Less time spent reading complaints on twitter have allowed for more time with a good bag of Doritos
5. And boy, that makes me so happy (pictorial evidence provided upon scrolling down)

In my kind of news, handbags have taken a plunge and gym bags are heading for world domination - starting with a Reebok in badass green. Levi's will always stay boringly classic but now accompanied by new MBMJ satin sneakers (in effort to stock up before it goes extinct)

In the fashion world where your favourite trend can barely stand still without being improvised (I mean, sports goth? Seriously? Apparently.), the fear of staying relevant to your own dreams is a constant reality. People change, interests evolve.

For a more digestible example, my corn obsession has dissolved into pure disgust (post-food poisoning, if you’re curious) and I’ve happily eloped with zucchini. A more positive take would be the amount of sleep-in binges I’ve had over the month, a vast difference from the previous SLEEP-IS-FOR-THE-WEAK approach.

Nah, that didn’t go down too well.

Having had a fair share of experiences spilt across SuedeFingers, referencing the past isn’t that tough. Which, I’ve to admit, can get pretty sentimental and unhelpful when I start to miss my past self. I’ve sobbed (more figuratively with the go-to crying emoji - kleenex wasn’t involved) one too many times, missing the old person in me who’d stick to SuedeFingers like a business and my schedule like a bible.

But on a more cut-the-crap approach, a different kind of happy has surfaced. 

Stars align from time to time, and my inner working capacity perfectly syncs with submission time bombs. The illusory castle of a holiday being impossible has been well smashed - weekends have been providing sufficient time with la familia and the boyfriend. And the world has yet to face a zucchini extinction.

Perhaps staying relevant to my dreams only requires the heart - seeing myself evolve shouldn’t be a fear anymore. I’m still finding myself, internship's incoming and unrealistic ideas have been put on the line. And I've to say, I like the idea of SuedeFingers documenting this entire journey.


Lots of love but zero illusory castles,

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