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On Staying Employed:

Tessa Lin Wang

With triumphant dances to Ten Walls' Walking with Elephants and new sockets found, we could call this an awakening before the holidays end. Or a way to keep my job... And make post-it usage an extreme sport.

I don’t know about you, but I count sheep better with my eyes opened. My inspiration to write is heavily dependant on the ambience (best with iced water and Norah Jones)(or Walking with Elephants on more triumphant days). Also, I'm quite the enthusiast with my post-it collections - when inspiration strikes, all other thought transmissions are jammed till I get it down on paper.

It sounds glorious until there’s that room mess to battle. For months, I’ve orphaned every inch of my working self - scattering writings and ideas around the house, and away from my room. Hide-and-seek with my materials became the new work ethic, and boy did we have a good time.  Kidding. 

I clocked in more time doing that than I could ever in my dining room with breakfast whilst keeping up with the Kardashians. My organisational skills were questionable.

Let’s not go on, lest I lose my job.

Of course, the day came when I finally built up the courage to flip table messes into garbage bags. I never knew I came with a built-in unsympathetic heart for relentless dumping, because even the hangbags of 2012 had found a home in black bags. 

I might need to repent.


However, before I start regretting, here’s the good news - A new charging socket's existence has been discovered. Blank wall spaces have encouraged for post-it usage to become an extreme sport. Counting sheep with eyes open has become more visually exciting.

Also, time with scrambled eggs and the Kardashians might be on an all time high.

And I get to keep my job. 



Lots of love and reboots, 

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