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The Italian Trick

Tessa Lin Wang

A 101 on rocking Tom Ford the Italian way

An update on life, if you’d like:

1. “Drink more tea, it’s okay. You can worry about the caffeine addiction later” has been the sentence that’s been lingering under my breath for a couple of weeks. Kick-ass, self-motivational talks have to happen sometimes, you know?

2. Tea with milk, that is. Count dairy in on the addiction.

3. Transition (like photography now becoming a grading criteria) has been fun if we’re going to consider how emotions have been grated into new forms. 

It’s always good to run differently sometimes - untouched sides of you can finally surface and be experimented on.

4. There are newly generated plans on the list - which will be coming to a site near you (keep me on a tab, I promise it’ll be good ;) )

5. Or, if that tactical self-promotion didn’t work on you, let’s just discuss inspiration for the time being:

Linda Evangelista in Giorgio Armani for VOGUE

Linda Evangelista in Giorgio Armani for VOGUE

Italian Director and Actor, Vittorio Di Sica

Italian Director and Actor, Vittorio Di Sica

Where inspiration comes fresh out from the oven, the subject of italian men may or may not become the hot topic. While any Tom, Dick or Harry may have learnt how to tuck a shirt into his perfectly belted pants like Tom Ford, the italians have taken it up a notch to rock [their own] Tom Ford.

Alright, alright, no singing lessons today.

Perhaps effortless need not be a long boyfriend shirt (an “after sex” shirt, my friends and I like to call it - post-gossipgirl marathon) with a $500 Tod’s moccasin and slick hair drenched in Aveda. The fashionable Aesop’s Fable of the 21st Century is that shopping with yourself in mind might do you the same favour, with a fraction of a Tod’s price tag.

Carry a post-it around with a reminder that you’re shopping for yourself and not Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and maybe effortless will work without 5a.m call times. Of course, this is just a note-to-self. 

But if you’re keen on jumping on the bandwagon - you, me, Insalata Caprese?

The Tiger Grass Coat By Ackroyd & Harvey

The Tiger Grass Coat By Ackroyd & Harvey

Alain Delon with Nathalie Barthélemy

Alain Delon with Nathalie Barthélemy

Lots of love and globalization,