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Neck and Neck

Tessa Lin Wang

With climates close to that of North Pole’s and two-hour bus rides to school, there couldn't have been a better time to encourage such irresponsible spending.

Topshop: 1 / Suckers for turtlenecks: 0

Neck-strangling accessorising and sweater-weather a la Topshop, feet by Stradivarius and joggers from H&M

Drifting back from what seemed like an immense blackout, I’ve been desperate for whatever’s comfortable to survive the 9-6 school schedule. 

To walk around in a turtleneck and joggers is almost like achieving the walking-quilt look, and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to comfort myself. Sure, sure - Margiela x H&M scored better when it came to looking like a duvet, but if you may, lets give me some credit for embracing the out-of-bed-but-bringing-bed-along concept. Thankfully, I skipped the part where I spill cereal all over my bed whilst attempting an Instagram shoot. 

With climates close to that of North Pole’s and two-hour bus rides to school, Topshop couldn’t have found a better piece to encourage such irresponsible spending. I could've sworn that money was meant for organic avocados, in which I'll be mourning over with frightful-looking toast for awhile now. Count me in on a part time job,  it's time to bring back tumblr-looking avocado toasts.

Lots of love and beds,

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