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Tessa Lin Wang

While wallets testify countless expenditures to keep any possible malfunctions at bay, nothing really fuels a project quite like crazy, epic love.

Video Direction, Filming and Editing by Christian Bernard, Brendon and Kendra Tan, as a part of their Major Project

There is an urban myth that in filming anything fit for the internet, the presence of a ‘glam-squad’ has to be especially written all over your face. I violently disagree, with sympathy for the wallet and future denim-related expenses.

From a student perspective, projects often come costly in pursuit of professionalism ‘at every angle’. My wallet can testify that spending has even become an understated attempt at self-therapy — having met its waterloo in outlandish bottled-water tasting entertainment for the stressed-soul. It often takes a lot out of our generation to raise the stakes on traditional ways, in which I might go on to credit our instant-gratification culture. “Millennials,” I would write in my market-survey essay, “the ones who see bigger value in a glam-


squad than a future house."

To have been entrusted with an ex-seating partner’s (circa 2013, Secondary School) major project, however, put all spending different terms. Despite having nothing on the budget, Christian and his team simply forked out the priceless drive to make this one work. Putting all the demanding tasks aside to witness this project was a refreshing break in itself — I can easily see the pure love for what they do as their most powerful weapon.

Bravo to the team and to the ex-seating partner who’s got his own groove going - circa 2013, when dreams were first discussed at the back of a classroom. No bottled-water tastings had to be involved in the making of this project.

Lots of love and talking,

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