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The Authentic Defeat

Tessa Lin Wang

Tokyo nonetheless defeated Singapore’s attempts to romanticise the takoyaki,
keeping horrible ham flavours at bay with no reason for you to crave. Along with ten thousand other things.

Whilst trying to describe this Tokyo trip, one must note that I hadn't been programmed to ’take a break' in a while — staying away from school work was one hell of a workout (aptly cue: yoga-pant coordinates that worked). This post will additionally fail you in the trip advisor department, with scarce directions about where to buy fake tan or how to order rice beef bowls with less cheese. It just didn't happen.

Left: when yoga-pants actually work in 10 degrees, a la Topshop and the mom-jacket

Like every other year-end trip, Tokyo successfully eliminated the putrefying stench of any kind of stress. It was a family trip that required minimal conversation starters or garlic-related restraining orders (ramen! Ramen!) — way before I could even start to appreciate service beyond “welcome to uniqlo” pleasantries. Tell me how you wouldn't want to book the boyfriend’s arms to sob in, on the next flight home?


Above: Ichiran and the Otto Künzli Exhibition

Yet, it is with happiness that we proclaim another holiday down, keeping the streak of attempting to live like a local. Tokyo was nonetheless an authentic defeat on Singapore’s attempts to romanticise the takoyaki, keeping horrible ham flavours at bay with no reason for you to crave. Nobody boasts a lifestyle quite like this one, where coffee sipping comes in the form of unknown-to-this-fashion-student L’occitane cafes to quality brews worth carrying while on the way to see Otto Kunzli's work.

In the name of art, 7-11's range standards and everything in between, Tokyo represented what seemed like the best assignment-free memory in a while. And as I mesmerise over the incarnation of a foreign friend I wished I could bring home, it’s back to essays on the land of ham takoyaki.

Below, middle: Tsukiji fish market swarmed with individuals who dedicate their hearts to the pick of the day. This is what they don't teach you in moral education.


Lots of love and yoga pants,


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