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Bringing Back The Bacon

Tessa Lin Wang

Working alongside a three-month plan can easily line up new versions of time-management horrors, accumulating an adequate supply of shrieking to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, here's some juice on the most recent mischief - freshly pressed from
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Racing against the clock in an effort to fill up the portfolio has become a daily routine. Some may claim portfolio-building skilful multitasking. I call it an attempt at self-therapy. Sweet satisfaction. Like finding the best damn vanilla jam and successfully transporting a jar back from Australia.

Working alongside a three-day plan can easily line up new versions of time-management horrors, accumulating an adequate supply of shrieking to last a lifetime. This, let’s not forget, might possibly cross-fade with visual horrors involving forgotten, moulding jams in colours you thought you’d only find on Pantone.

By now, you should realise that the idea of me working with a 'three-month plan' might just be an urban myth. Turning the myth into reality was far from easy, but eventually a bittersweet journey. While SuedeFingers may have been periodically silent, it’s been a good three months of an internship, producing the 6th NINTH and a few other spanking new projects. 

Regardless, thanks for waiting it out.






9th September: 
NINTH No.6, The Birthday Issue


16 September: 
The Secret Joo Chiat Map (By Choo Yilin Jewellery, Supported by Singapore Tourism Board)


The younger me was once told that as we grow older, it’s always important to stock up on a reasonable amount of SPF before hitting the zoo. Life lesson. Yet, along the way, we get taught the better ones. To list a few - how to spot the perfect boyfriend (likes burgers as much as you do), counter-attack your forgetfulness (nipple tape might just work better than a bra, anyway), or even survive in an office of amicably talented people (keep all those lame jokes to yourself in the first week).

Lessons like these have come jet-packed with blessings, fresh challenges, better jars of jam and new found projects to come. While the idea of moving on to a three-year plan next sounds pretty far-fetched, I’m glad we survived this one.

It’s been such a ride.

We're home, dear reader. 

16th September:
Chris for Noise (View)

11th October:
Coming up soon - keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love and fresh projects (and jam),


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