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Spilling the beans

Tessa Lin Wang

Having learnt a thing or two about singing until we die, here's a sneak peak of what's to come in NINTH No.3 - lots of people, lots of perspectives and lots of time with our favourite singer. 

Yet again, school starts tomorrow without my conscious knowledge. I can't exactly proclaim a friendship with it unless it's the Subway student prices we're talking about or - this one's for you, pencil enthusiasts - how to spell Staedtler.

In other news, november’s inspiration (in a very tumblr way until I invest in a printer) successfully paved the way for NINTH No.3 to slowly defeat muddy puddles a la afternoon rain and delayed meetings. The other part had to be seeing my instafilm getting used up like nobody’s business - it’s about time somebody’s getting rid of it. Let’s call it stupid-turned-smart investments. Or basically beating the expiry dates.

Amidst all these trying times (e.g 6am wake up calls), I’ve been staying afloat with the Gentle Bones' album. Other than being convinced that it’s a good time to sing until we die, his music has played a good spirit - contributing to the additional fact that our interview has proven himself someone deserving of so much admiration. No regrets on braving the rain. Nope, none at all.

As we count down to the number of days left before the third issue comes out, here’s a series of behind-the-scenes photos for you to follow the development - I’m quite liking this transparency when it comes to showing you the process. I’d gladly spill the beans about the entire concept but everyone loves a good surprise, non?

NINTH No. 3 will be out this Friday, 9th January.
Featuring a group of special individuals and an interview with Gentle Bones' Joel Tan.
Find out more here.


Lots of love and adrenaline,

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