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Halfway Through

Tessa Lin Wang

An update amidst this school holiday - exploring, loving, eating and making the best worst decisions ever

Perhaps they're the thoughts at 2a.m that come raw, the ones that make me sit up and wonder if rejecting that job offer meant no more future, and if seeing that boy across the road really could get my heart intertwined in foreign feelings. Being 18 and completely clueless of what's to come can only open more doors - slicing our hearts open like fresh avocados and wondering what to do with them next. Avocado ice cream? Guacamole? Anything works, really. 

I love being 18 for that reason. The juxtaposition of things we know and parts of us we never knew existed can only send us on to the next question of "what's next?" Moments of experimentation (you CAN microwave anything with soy milk) and exploration of course - like taking pictures of dustbins and getting away with it ("no mom, it's art"). 

1. Don't be afraid to explore and find out
2. Prior to point 1, understand that not knowing everything is a blessing.
3. Prior to point 2, understand that not everything has a definite answer

At the end of the day, I got a better job and I didn't marry the boy across the road (no, Tessa, he wasn't the one - he just looked really good in your favourite colour).

I will be the last one curiosity kills.

Exploration/ Inspiration/Holiday shots go like this:


Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Little India expedition with Rena (an entire restaurant's diners had fun witnessing this one)
  2. Welcoming a kind of winter in Singapore with the bomber jacket that's been waiting too long for an appearance.
  3. Scanned: raw feelings and words off pleasefindthis' I Wrote This For You (I hope so hard that your girl's read these precious words)  
  4. Behind the scenes of NINTH's first ever issue- such great fun that day! More exciting fact was that these people have finally learnt that my house does not overlook Malaysia. Nor its checkpoint. Photographed by Sarah Tan. 
  5. Prada amusement meant a shot of its shoes - I mean, who wouldn't?
  6. Holiday lifeline basically (and lots of letter writing)
  7. Teatime around Busorrah Street 
  8. We planned to do 'tourist outfit' but if it's hot, I'm gonna go for cropped and as low as it possibly can (top a la Zara and skirt off The Editor's Market rack)
  9. Scanned: Inspiring shot by Jean-Luc Andrianasolo in collaboration with WAD, sharing an idea around a 'YOUTH' theme. So raw, so upfront, so strong, I just had to share. Published by WAD Magazine.
  10. Scanned: British Vogue loves squares as much as Instagram does. Photographed by Glen Luchford.
  11. Scanned: I was exceptionally in love with this shot off the editorial titled "Mommy's Boy". The clash of two elements - one old and young, one doing a fashionably-strong pose and the other natural, yet both come together with a similar affection. The juxtaposition just isn't meant to create any form of familiar comfort, yet it comes together so strongly. Photographed by Ninja Hanna for DANSK Magazine
  12. The best kind of picnics happen on the dining table with no grass and no need for insect repellant. But feta cheese. I'd brave anything for feta cheese.

Lots of love and microwaving,