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6 month affair

Tessa Lin Wang

Everything just spiralled into quite such a production I wasn't sure of as i sat nestled with The Goldfinch in hand but my shortening hair in mind.

H&M Shirt and shorts, Topshop necklace & ASOS Sandals

I concede defeat. Singapore will never see wintry weather and I do get into a state of momentary laziness with the thought of having to brave every sun ray in the leather skirts and gingham trousers from Tokyo, where it was barely 12 degrees. Okay, forget momentary. Consider it eternal accompanied by the typical "ew, weather" tweet as I fry an egg on the road.

Revolutionising this agony into fun is probably the only way to go. Every visit to the hair dressers' can only mean a big change (considering the fact that I get very sentimental with my tresses, it's an every-6-months kind of affair, whoops) and this time's game plan had included the riddance of blonde and going short. In an effort to love the weather, Charlotte Le Bon's hair was it and everything just spiralled into quite such a production I wasn't sure of as i sat nestled with The Goldfinch in hand but my shortening hair in mind.

But voila! Consider me a happy 6-month goer. I've to admit that going short is every hair-washer's dream come true and dad will be pleased to know that his water bills are about to come in smaller numbers. While the idea of halcyon days of summer are hard to come by in this city (because really, there is no end), the only thing left to do is to chop it off and work it.

Although, there already is a momentary laziness approaching with the thought of styling this hair every morning. On a side note, eggs anyone?

Lots of love and 28 degrees,