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Skirt Verdict

Tessa Lin Wang

Garbage bag-like and the equivalent of opening an umbrella - the characteristics of today's skirts might be on par with the struggles of a bad hair day.

Tying all that sloppy hair into a neat ponytail was far from the biggest problem. Having agreed to shoot with Sarah, this latex skirt somehow made its way to her must-wear list. A skirt that possessed shapely stubbornness was far from an easy outfit of the day, however effortlessly Kim Kardashian managed to slip latex all over herself*. 

You’d ask me why I even got it. Remember those good ol’ days when ASOS had free shipping even for a pair of $1.25 socks? Anything from a $5 bikini (I didn't even like that floral print for money’s sake) to the virtually-appealing notebook that eventually arrived looking like 30 pieces of paper stapled together - cards on the table, I might’ve been the biggest exploiter around.

And there comes the story of the latex skirt. To cut things short, wearing a garbage bag-like skirt sounded rather fascinating and I wasn’t warned about its huge resemblance to an opened umbrella. That being said, self-denial has kept me from removing the price tag subsequent to disbelief over such an investment.

Even till now.

A word of advice before committing yourself to anything - if you aren’t a hundred percent sure, throw that money into your back pocket for some good lingerie later in the day. For the more persistent ones, I’m a true believer of the post-sleep verdict. If anything has you thinking of it first thing in the morning, invest**. That’s enough evidence garnered for a full-frontal spree.

A Zara Turtleneck, ASOS Skirt and Le Specs on the eyes. Photographed by Sarah Tan.

Watch out, budgets. Mornings are going to cost more than the regular red bean pau. (Non-Singaporeans search: a day in the life of a broke Singaporean.)

*Post-pregnancy and sofa dress drama, that is.
**In cases where possible 'other halves' are concerned, approach with caution.

Lots of love and less latex,

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