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Out with the 4

Tessa Lin Wang

As 2014's days are numbered, here's an over-emotional post filled with too much Christmas and even more appreciation for teaching me how to [try to] kick ass. This one's for you. Yes, you.

A Supré trench to defeat all rain, Zara beaded halter and Skirt. Shot by Sarah Tan

As I type this, the family’s attendance is fully packed within mom’s car in anticipation for our last Christmas party/feast of the year. Where my new year’s mood starts to set in, there still is an absence of the usual resolution making where eating clean gets re-implemented. Note: “re”.

Food aside, I made the minuscule resolution to capture love in all forms for this holiday post. That eventually came as a full album of both presents and people, springing into form for Christmas (evident all over here). It just so seems that every end of the year calls for something different to celebrate about and likewise, 2014 has a new reason to pop champaign for. 

If you’ve been following SuedeFingers since day one (those blogspot days), there has been a constant change in momentum albeit having one main goal to write. I

I never had the intention to start a magazine but I knew that I wanted to become the next Grace Coddington or Anna Wintour (I still do dream, oh dear me). Where struggles come into topic, going on hiatuses became a habit. Blogging became dreadful as I didn’t see results I expected.

Three years into the present, SuedeFingers still gets so much support and has become quite like a second home. I'll spare you the part about sudden life-goal enlightenment, but let’s just say that I’ve finally started to see the fun in documenting my journey. Despite being only a fraction into this journey, there have been so many emotions that even my camera's incapable of capturing.

Whether you’ve been visiting SuedeFingers for years or just joined me, I owe you a big hug. Encouragement in the form of visits, comments, gifts, presence and emails alike always give me that push to wake up and try to kick ass. 

As we close 2014, here's to even more sweat and not so much blood - more setbacks and achievements that get us kicking even more ass. Sip green tea, moisturise more and shop for even more newspapers (and drop by occasionally for the Sunday post regime, promise?) - do whatever deems you fit as long as it gets you to a happier place.

My dream for SuedeFingers has always been to produce content from the heart for a group of other hearts - even it's an audience of ten, these are ten very significant readers. I can't keep any promises about what's to come because I'm just as clueless - which makes it even more fun.

2015's going to be wild.

The only Dorothy Perkins thing I've ever owned, #tbh

Lots of love and log cakes,

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