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Sports Lingerie

Tessa Lin Wang

'T-shirt and jeans’ is a look that I’ve never been able to pull off in the past 18 years. The problem with broad shoulders. Huge pity. Weep a little. Case closed. Moving on.
And then there are sports bras.

Adidas Sportsbra, H&M Cropped top, leather skirt is thrifted (Syd: 1, Sg: 0), Sandals by ASOS, ALDO Handcuff / Photos by Sarah Tan

Every morning calls for an avalanche of trivia. Where fashion is drilled into my school and work, outfit-brainstorming has become a ritual. While my biggest accessory of the season remains to be a 1.5 litre water bottle (Ice Mountain and Fiji still top the chart for having the best mountainous taste), there come days when dressing means turning to essentials that everyone would religiously swear by.

Owing to the fact that wardrobe malfunctions are normal (thank God, one less mid-life crisis to worry about), 


lines that go somewhere along “It’s spring! Must haves! Jeans! T-shirt! Sandals because why not!” have become, potentially, the safest things to publish on a magazine (circa 2014, the normcore revolution).

Unfortunately for me, ’t-shirt and jeans’ is a look that I’ve been unable to pull off in the past 18 years. The problem with broad shoulders. Huge pity. Weep a little. Case closed.

Moving on. 


For years, Sportsluxe has made a huge presence in our wardrobes and it’s become my kind of essential. I’ve to thank it for making my lingerie section less of a bore. Ever since its debut, trustee bras with ticks or three stripes have accompanied me on every road trip possible, not forgetting dresses that dad would deem “too revealing”. Cut the arm hole a little too wide? Sports bra! Too much to see through a see-through top? Sports bra! All Sportsluxe-appropriate tops in the wash? Sports bra! I’m getting the hang of this. Someone needs to start publishing this.

Lots of love and morning trivia,


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