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Just Like Cinderella

Tessa Lin Wang

Back then, the 7 year old me had insisted on getting her first pair of heels. Little did I know that more was attached to the demanding 'hobby' - major band-aid investments and too much time spent sitting on the toilet bowl.

Heels by Charles & Keith, SABA shirt, Sass and Bide skirt finished off with a thrifted choker.

Heels and me - the relationship we're talking about here can get pretty subjective. On ugly days in class, 'roller' chairs do the trick. On better days, my best walks are displayed en route to the restroom before getting another rest on the toilet bowl.

Okay, fine. There aren't many pretty days.

Back then, the 7 year old me had insisted on getting her first pair of heels for the love of looking just like Cinderella. To add on, I only wanted the ones encrusted with glitter and Cinderella's face right smack in the middle (her face on my foot was the ultimate dream come true). Little did I know that there was more attached to the demanding hobby - major band-aid investments and too much time on the toilet bowl.

As far as my life outside the Ladies' has been cut short, the thought of becoming empirically taller still has me head over heels (I didn't just do that, did I?) in love with the higher variations in the shoe department. The cinderella-face-on-foot desires still exist, however, with more mature versions. (Think interlocking 'C's or big fat Fs for 'Fendi'. Or french fries.)

It is no surprise that sacrificial actions had to be taken sooner or later, ones I still try very hard to chuck into the back alleys of my head:

1. Running barefoot across school is worth it if the submission deadline is a minute away
2. (Tiny purses forbid) lug an extra pair of shoes
3. If there isn't a toilet bowl nearby, changing rooms work too.

Still, expect blisters on the inside, a possible leg dysfunction on the downside but elongated legs on the 'green side', in proverbial terms.

Let's just pray that ours will come packaged with prince charming one day. Just like Cinderella. 

Lots of love and blisters,

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