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Teamwork: WANG X H&M

Tessa Lin Wang

When the brainchild of the iconic out-of-bed-chic look announced his collaboration with H&M, the world that could never afford Wang was ecstatic. I, for one, died (or so they say in tumblr language).

You’d think I wouldn't let this post slip because uncle Wang did it. But I've to admit that a part of [flesh and hairs on] me did hesitate with the grappling thought of having another person to fight with for the cropped top. Yes, I'm talking about you. You. (Have mercy please, just not those shoes)

When the man - who's always been in our essays and never in our wardrobes, sharing the same surname but never the same relatives, or the same haircut but never becoming hair buds - announced his decision to do some group work with H&M, the world that could never afford Wang was ecstatic. I, for one, died (or so they say in tumblr language).

Quoted for having no interests in exercising, Alexander Wang showed his sportsluxe collection for H&M last thursday. To say that it was heated up would be an understatement, as pieces suggesting a good gym subscription were the highlight of the show.

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Shop this and more at H&M, 6th November onwards. 

SPORTING NUMBERS: With Wang's futuristic and athletic ideas in mind, the translation was clean-cut on a black, white and grey palate whilst boasting the iconic surname across all numbers. Even though he had been throwing out boxing-glove-hints way before actual presentation day, the collection harmoniously brings all kinds of sports' wear to piece looks together. Some were directly focused on a specific sport, but many were versatile basics that you might just wear from school to the treadmill, or even casually.

Accessories were not discounted from the collections either. It's about time our feet kissed labels too. The only thing lacking was a fashionable bowling ball really. 

DETAILS: You'd think that a H&M collection like this would have been a touch and go collection for the designer, but the details would beg to differ. Pointelle, a type of fabric, plays as a component of the mesh crop tops - which, apparently, makes the 'WANG' logo especially prominent when in contact with sweat or water. Practicality wasn't forgotten either, with waterproof and quick-drying materials holding main parts of the collection together. I'm starting to think Wang's spent his entire life secretly at the gym.

BRAINCHILD: In the name of breaking all age rules, Alexander leads the way - from building his own name in NYC to landing himself as Creative Director for Balenciaga in Paris. Perhaps 6 November holds a bigger occasion than just obtaining a pair of Wang socks for our manicured feet, but really, to honor a man who's truly set new standards with an unimaginable spirit and love for what he does.

Reign on, Wang.

Lots of love, saving up and sandwiches from home

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