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Arm rule

Tessa Lin Wang

Top from Seoul, Skirt by Zara, Accessories from Topshop 

Call me a huge sucker for being the ultimate trend-hugger, the one who would unwillingly move on even after that top has gone from "IT" to "EW". Granted, Singapore's bipolar [wet] weather has been the best reason to allow such rule breaking and let's get real- who doesn't like to fall asleep in the bus in something that substitutes as a quilt?

I've gotten many questions as to how this top actually made its way into getting such wide mass-appeal despite the flabby-looking arm cutting. The same old conversation would happen with "american football", "sportsluxe" followed by "oohs" and "aahs" and we'd all immediately reach flabby-arm-top enlightenment.

By Patrick Demarchelier 

I first fell in love with this particular cutting when Karlie Kloss did a spread for TeenVogue back in 2010 after Fashion Week sent models down the runway in clusters of masculinity. Sportsluxe was just around the corner then, and surprisingly- nobody has issued a red card on it till today. 

Who would have known that the sportsluxe trend would go from Olympic-friendly to being another fashionable reason to start working out. Guilty as charged, a part of me sees the whole dressing up routine as another reason to go to the gym. But what's not to love if it gets you out of the bed?

Lots of love and being old fashioned,