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What does the shirt say

Tessa Lin Wang

I'm not too sure if you're into the iPhone edited photos, but I've been into such an editing-from-phone phase so bear with me!

I've always loved how words can hit me whilst sitting there on a plain shirt- that's literal statement-making and something worth dying for. Sadly, there's only so much to offer on the street other than weird random words people would take off the dictionary (E.G "COAST")(!?). Fine, fine, fine- let's just be grateful it wasn't in Comic Sans. 

Still, there is always a huge appreciation for a top that speaks something useful and I'd be proud about carrying. I'm smitten over this one as the sentimental freak in me has yet to get over the whole Saint Laurent rebranding (the top says "Remember Yves?" by the way). Away from the usual "Ain't Saint Laurent without Yves", and I did like the whole hidden meaning from the font usage. 

Granted, I do love Hedi Slimane and he's done a wonderful job (guilty as charged, I wore a floppy hat very obviously inspired by his collection)- But I don't think that the legacy left behind by YSL will ever be forgotten like people try to about Comic Sans' existence. Ever.

Lots of love and t-shirt shopping,