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Splitting skirts, splitting costs

Tessa Lin Wang

(photos taken by +Natasha Von Epichelin)

Thrifted jacket from Hong Kong, Adidas sports bra (or as they'd like to call it, REALLY 'cropped top'), Skirt from Vietnam, Plimsolls were custom made, Topshop transparent bag (a gift from my clique kids!)

Rarely do I wear things that match my hair, which always gets me questioning if it's time to cut. But nuh uh, I'm guessing today's jacket was here to change my mind. I got this beauty (2sgd only) hidden along the streets of Hong Kong, from a thrift shop 'Me & George' (address below) that every fashion blogger had to talk about with bags full of cheap thrills. ALAS, I FELL VICTIM TOO. An hour later, I was 40SGD poorer, yet 10 pieces richer. Pretty crazy for thrift shop terms in Asia, especially when huge superstitions create fusses about keeping old clothes- let alone sell them. But from time to time, Asia will always reveal its own one-of-a-kind hidden gems. Forget about travelling west just to thrift if you're already living in the middle of so much concealed beauty ;) it's rare, but very precious.

Spent some good time with Natalie and Natasha (my two favourite Nats!) over lunch at Concetto. Like every chef-trusting customer who'd say "GIVE US YO BEST", we picked every recommended dish on the menu. Our eyes were full from lots of artistic dishing but don't place your bets on a 'hearty italian' meal on this one. Not very hearty, but scores high on beauty!

Have a good week ahead, and hug tightly onto your last week of holidays, poly kids. I know I'll be grasping onto mine with lots of sleep till the very last second D:

Lots of love and $2-clothing lovin',


Me & George
64 Tung Choi Street, Mongkok; 
9 Li Yuen Street West, Central

*don't expect huge quality pieces- but give it a chance and an hour to find someone's trash becoming your treasure!