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Alive, Awakened

Tessa Lin Wang

I've always held onto the detrimental mentality that if I can't commit, I shouldn't start again. But blogging has its ways to awaken that writer in me again and for the love of fashion, forsaking what I love to do is out of the question. It's hardly a chore hanging around here, and I'm glad that school's not going to be sitting front row for awhile. It's about time this whole commitment game changes- there's definitely more to life than late nights with essays. 

can grainy photos be art too

Interests have changed and my love for clothing has been revolving too- minimal's the first word in my dictionary and its taken centre stage with my constant need to stock up on Zara's effortless pieces and leather necessities. Almost like my wardrobe's answer to Muji.

Regardless, here's to many more posts and the determination to get this blog up and alive again. I loved it too much to let it go anyway- there's so much I want to take and write about and go crazy about!