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Behind the camera

Tessa Lin Wang


It's been way too long since I've last written and I must say, THESE FINGERS HAVE BEEN ITCHING LIKE I don't know, a chicken pox attack. 

Yes, I'm finally grasping this chance to write/possibly fangirl over a particular road and photographer that helped me achieve a long-time goal!


Anything that spells YOLO perfectly and brings a burst of excitement (sigh, concrete floors and all *insert heartshape emojis in red yellow pink green blue*) is probably the best way to do a photoshoot!
Having gone through only two photoshoots LIKE EVERRRR,  despite being in this camwhoring world, I didn't have much standards planted in my head before the photoshoot. Blame it on the photographer though- IT WENT BEYOND ANY STANDARDS THAT WERE GERMINATING IN MY HEAD.

The best part of a shoot is being able to be yourself and to produce something that speaks from your heart, no matter which setting you're placed in. And the only person capable of making that happen HAAAAS to be the photographer.

Much love to Chris (pity I never got a shot of him in action) who's always been there to help me with all the photoshoots needed for assignments! This shoot wouldn't have been a success if not for your YOLO-ness too and willingness to do this shoot!

H&M cap // Editor's Market crop top // Lowrys Farm jeans // Dr Martens kicks

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