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When MAC loves Archie comics like we do

Tessa Lin Wang

 When we bought our Archie comics issue for the very first time in our lives, nobody expected those illustrations to have been brought to life to bring inspiration for the next best pink powder to smash (or a kinder word, "apply") into our faces. YES BOYS, WHILE YOU WERE LAUGHING OVER BETTY AND VERONICA'S CATFIGHTS, PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY COMING UP WITH LIPGLOSSES INSPIRED BY THEM THAT YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE GETTING ON YOUR LIPS ONE FINE DAY WHEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND DECIDES TO GIVE YOU A KISS. 

While some of us freak out about the resemblance between the human and illustrated versions of our favourite comic characters, many of us are probably struck with nostalgia. The familiar freckles on human-version-ated Archie and a real ice cream sundae from Pop Tate's bring us back to the good old moments we used to have, sitting on the toilet bowl with a new issue we begged our mothers to buy. 

Okay, maybe it's just me.

The new Archie's Girls x MAC collection brings out the #teamBETTY or #teamVERONICA in us girls. Choose a side to take and you'll be introduced to your favourite character's true colours (HA HA HA GET IT). The lovable and kind girl-next-door (or maybe just betty-next-door) or the stunning, attention-stealing Veronica?

 Above: Comic Cute or Double Trouble, which shade would you go for?

 To shop and express your love for #teamBETTY, click here
To shop and express your love for #teamVERONICA, click here 

Or if you're so depressed because you feel cheated after seeing Veronica's real-life-hair being black and not dark blue, click here to create a WHY IS RONNIE'S HAIR BLACK guild.

okay, maybe it's just me again.