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The Goldfish Excuse

Tessa Lin Wang

Studded top: Thailand's Platinum Mall, Dalmatian print Skirt: Tokyo, Clutch: Asos, Chunky Bracelet: m)phosis, Sneakers: Tokyo

For the love of Chinese New Year- The time when every father, mother, child, boy, girl, grandmother and grandfather proclaims one's love for red through a perpetually bright wardrobe that matches the red packets that parents bless (very very happy) kids like us (don't deny, you know you enjoy it too) with. <<<< That has got to be the longest sentence I've ever written omg. Ah, the best-est-est-est time of the year to ask parents for money to "get new clothes" because we haven't got anything red or because our goldfishes accidentally ate them up (nice try, never working). 

The badass self in me comes out every Chinese new year- I'd be wearing black and white, breaking the biggest belief that my grandmother has always had towards the importance of being drenched in red (MWAHAHAAAAA). BUT OH WEEEELLLL, since this year is the year of the snake, I decided to give my pink clutch a chance to surface during this prosperous occasion. JUST KIDDING, THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE DIDN'T INSPIRE THE USE OF A PINK CLUTCH.

Patterns and textures have been big on the runway this spring/summer 2013 and I must confess- I've become a huge fan of the trend. I fell in love with the clutch while in the middle of scouting for something to catch my eye in London and it immediately hit me with the omg-must-get-or-i'll-be-thinking-of-it-every-morning-afternoon-night vibe! Gosh I love those vibes, the best way to fuel your love for shopping and remind you again why shopping centres actually exist (because duh, we all get hungry for that fuel once in a while).

While we get busy finding the perfect clutch to match our red dress or pink nails, let's all take a moment to appreciate the ones who've given us a chance to 'fuel' ourselves with more love to shop, more angbaos to keep and more food to fill our stomachs with. Chinese New Year may be the one time to collect as many angbaos, but probably the one time to receive and give as much love to people we may only see once a year!

But before I get too cheeeeeeeeesy (i like camembert btw #justsaying), Happy Chinese (even though many of us dislike studying the language eugh) New Year! May you be filled with lots of FOOD STEAMBOAT BAKWA CLOTHES SHOES BAGS ANGBAOS and most importantly love!