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NYFW A/W13 Street Style

Tessa Lin Wang

 Fashion week is the one time of the year when journalists, bloggers, clothe-crazy people flock to the biggest fashion cities to catch a glimpse of what's next for our wardrobes, or to fight for a chance to breathe the same air as Anna or even Donatella. The air is crisp, and the atmosphere is heavy- everyone is whispering about the gossip that has ignited the biggest spark so far. Galliano's hints of presence on numbers at Oscar de la Renta created quite an impact that left the audience with surprise. The news spreads like wildfire- journalists and magazine editors turn to twitter discussing the familiar silhouettes once carried on the Dior runway. Girls across the globe engage in the latest 411, digesting every tiny piece of that new rumour, while quietly wishing they had the chance to witness it all with front row seats next to Grace. Is Galliano really heading towards taking Oscar's place? Something out of the question might just be the next possible answer to a place at Oscar de la Renta.

While tweets and facebook posts add fuel to the ODLR fire, ladies and gentlemen in beautiful handpicked garments and flamboyant, striking coats appear at the doorstep of the venue. Photographers snap photos as if they were firing rifles, hoping to catch a a good shot. Effortlessly, the wind, the hair and the garments move in unison- all ready to create a photograph that will be sent down to Vogue, and eventually tumblr for a thousand reblogs within minutes. 

Street style photography, since the 1960s, has been a highlight during fashion week. While designers bring in the trends, journalists and bloggers and buyers bring them into reality. Neon hair and spiked heels would've never been a part of our wish lists if not for street style pictures streaming through social-networking sites. It's become no surprise that the way one puts an outfit together is a form of art- and every angle of that outfit in sight can only be captured in a photograph.

People all over the world look at the photo. Some love, some hate, some criticize, some get inspired- and that's really when the fun part of street style photography starts, no matter where you are- even if you're still far far away from sitting next to Grace Coddington.


photos via Vogue/ (Tommy Ton)/street peeper