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Embracing black

Tessa Lin Wang

Trend Catcher Collection #8: Embracing black by suedefingers on Polyvore, featuring Be & D

  Ironically for Spring/Summer 2013, fashion week was on full force to bring black into the spotlight. Taking away the usual bright, sunflower-ish and "LETS PLAY IN THE SUN" mood, countless of models were strutting down the runway with dark and Gothic pieces.

As much as the Gothic part of the world is enjoying this good ol' "LETS ALL WEAR SOME BLACK LIPSTICK" era, the other part of the world hasn't been left behind- girls thirsty for more chic additions to their wardrobes were introduced to endless leather numbers and patterned pieces.

With that in mind, it's about time to pop that bottle of champagne towards our new found love for black. Of course, however, never forgetting a pop of colour that may just possibly prove that no matter how dark this Spring/Summer may be- there's always light somewhere.

Because there's always that saying that Natasha cannot stop repeating:
"When there's a thunderstorm, there's always a rainbow"

P.S Happy valentine's day!