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Dumb Blonde

Tessa Lin Wang

If you've not caught the Jersey Boys, word of advice: the next best way to finding the meaning in life is drinking spoilt milk to get diahhorea and 'detox' the whole night, or wear braces that hurt so much that you can't eat- and lose 3 pounds. Obviously, duh- who wouldn't choose Jersey Boys. It's the first ever musical that did not leave me falling asleep halfway through (unlike Lion King and Wicked- this must be a sign), and one that truly deserves to be SO. FETCH. 

The Jersey Boys musical is one of the many factors that has gotten me guilty of neglecting the blog. Yes, take me to court. Crime scene? Tokyo and London. Been stuffing myself fat with Brinjal (WITH A CAPITAL 'B', YES PLEASE) tempura and burgers in under the cold weather and going back into another shop for chips within the next hour. Shopping damage was as bad, but I'll let my future blog outfits do the talking!

However, today's blog post is for my hair- grown and raised since 1996. 
And then bleached and killed since last week. 

Sitting there watching it get a triple bleach/kill/murder definitely wasn't the most ideal way to be spending a Thursday afternoon. BUT WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE CUTE HAIR DRESSERS MADE EVERYTHING BETTER SO OH WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. And don't get me wrong, they're not only cute- they're really good at handling hair too! I decided to go to Shunji Matsuo at Holland Village because it was pretty affordable (214sgd for 3 bleaches) and at the same time had experienced hairstylists. Nonetheless, Shunji was the total opposite of a letdown! 

 Above: gone blonde after 3 bleaches

Below: as seen on instagram! Saturday's outfit
Top: Australia's target, Denim overall: Vintage shop in London's Camden market,Boots: Timberland

 As Shereen (lots of loveeee! Thank you for making it possible :* ) and I had found a bottle of blue dye in London, we went as planned to use it after bleaching my hair! We used La Riche's Directions, and also mixed in conditioner (thank you Christian!) after learning that it could be an easy/(CHEAPO) way to dilute it if there wasn't enough! AND YAAAAAAAAY the hair was a IODGHKGJSKDSD success! More pictures coming tomorrow, as I've not gotten a proper shot!

 It's been a fun two months and I'm glad to be back in writing! Definitely missed this and GOSH I NEED TO GET THAT ANTHONY BOURDAIN BOOK. Heading to Haji Lane with the girlfriends tomorrow, GOSH I NEED TO WORK WHAT AM I DOING