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Fisherman Freshman

Tessa Lin Wang

  Jacket: MODPARADE, Shoes: Vans, Belt: Mom's

IN HONOUR OF MY FAVOURITE SONG, City of Blinding Lights by U2, FLASH IS HIGHLY USED IN THIS POST (if you remember, this song was in The Devil Wears Prada). OH WELL, FLASH TO REPLACE THE CITY HA. HA. HA.

No, not working- the city can never be replaced with little flash lights popping out of a camera. Nice try.

Okay, so I did promise that I'd be back on the 8th November. But last night, I realised that I couldn't possibly use a lovely Sunday to study for a paper lasting only for an hour! SO HELLO.

Yesterday's jacket was found during my adventure at Haji Lane (blogged here). I can still remember how I first met it. I made awkward eye contact with the jacket and asked myself if I wanted to look like a fisherman...
I guess the answer was yes

It's a lovely piece that can really steal you away from looking like the usual freshman in school. Because no really, now I'm just looking like a Freshman Fisherman (Or Fisherman Freshman?). 

These pair of school shoes owe it's ripped and muddy attractiveness to lots of hiking (and falling in front of pigeons pfft) in England and Bukit Timah Hill. Mom's been dying to get rid of this pair of shoes because she considers it the best thing ever to get me stamped with a FAUX PAS but no, fetch (google: meangirls) cannot happen without it.

Lesson of the day? FAUX PAS IS THE NEW PASS!

Have great Sunday! (and all the best, MCQ-sitting friends!)