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Child's Play

Tessa Lin Wang

Denim sweater: Target, White denim bottoms: market in Taiwan, Purse: Nina Ricci, Velvet Chelsea boots: Topshop

 I have a confession to make! Calling all thrift-shopping lovers and people who obsess over kid's clothes- I think I might be next to join the club. One thing's for sure, I never expected myself to be wearing this jacket, bought 8 years ago from Brisbane's Target. 

WELL YES, I'm talking kid's section at the top floor filled with Wii stations (the "best thing ever" at that time) and noisy toddlers shouting "flower" all day long because that's the only word they know.
it was then that I ran towards a rack full of the jackets and told myself that I had to get one. For 16 Australian dollars, came this chunk of blue thread that was tightly sewn together and made into a piece infused with Tommy Hilfiger buttons (Teri found out earlier this year) and labelled Flipper

While I still live to this day wondering why someone would come up with such a brand name, it's become a favourite part of my wardrobe and I'm currently in the process of trying to frame it up to remind myself to not put on anymore weight.

Ah, yes, monthly rituals whereby I start pasting huge posters on the mirror telling myself to get up at 7am to run. It's a hard task to fulfil especially if you were pigging out on a big fat chocolate brownie with a chunk of vanilla gelato and warm chocolate fudge the night before. Oh dear, sounds like I should be dialing the 1800-LIFE-WITHOUT-BROWNIES helpline sometime soon.

Till then though, may scooters reign on the exercising track and 

Have a great week!