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little treats.

Tessa Lin Wang

I was halfway asleep yesterday, eyes closed (duh). But the eye-closing didn't last anyway, i finally realized then that i hadn't updated my blog in a very long time. 

The girl's eyes open. Her eyes shift left and right, signifying the thoughts processing in her head. 
She then sits up, head facing the laptop. 

Totally been neglecting this blog, and it's about time i bring it back to life. 

So here's pretty much an update on what's been up lately: high school. 

The work's been bombarding my life and it's been terrible trying to keep up, not forgetting the lack of shopping i've been getting. Unless it's the new school bag we're talking about, then maybe i did indulge a little.

I finally found a bag fit for school and a little unusual from the usual Dickies and Jansport ones that everyone's carrying. Manhattan Portage's up and shipping to Singapore now! Can't believe it's been a day since i ordered it! 6 more days 6 more days 6 more days. Six. More. Days. Also had a little Topshop spree yesterday (couldn't resist!) and I found the cutest glitter purse on sale! Oh for the love of shopping. 

Coincidentally, the day before was also the day i took part in the Milo Triathlon. No prizes were given out, sadly because "everyone's a winner", total bummer. I had to swim in the sea and it was my first time doing it so seriously, but the water tasted pretty cool i guess? Um, definitely far from bland.

Now being free from the triathlon training, everything's back to normal! Wish I could shop more, but homework's been piling up (i'm sounding like a workaholic). Tonight's gonna be a treat though, the delayed Oscars telecast in Singapore is finally coming- Time to buy some popcorn!
And of course, lots of milo ;)