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All American

Tessa Lin Wang

Shoes: Vans Lo Pro Gore
Bag: Forget me not
Top: French connection UK
Beret: Kangol for Debenhams

So I've recently been having this sudden fetish for red things. Red papers, red shoes, red tops, red hats, even red chilli during dinner (?) And guess what! I've found more red things to add to my collection. A family friend got me a pair of Vans that i have been dying to own during her trip to America, and 5 minutes later i found myself stepping out of the house in it. Hell yeah, the great feeling you get when you wear your new shoes! And I couldn't ask for a better match than my mom's beret she got from London about 20 years ('old' is the new 'new'!) back. I'm still trying to adjust to the 'big pout-y head' look it's giving me, but I think I'm starting to get a bit more daring with my choice of head gear! Head gear-ness couldn't be the best that day when I coincidentally found my American bag going with the outfit. Blue beret, red shoes, blue and red bag.

Oh for the love of colour combination!