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An Introduction



In 2014, Tessa launched NINTH Magazine – the brainchild of the then-18 year-old’s desire for a platform to explore Art Direction, and to receive a first-hand understanding of a digital publication. The independent publication collaborated with like-minded photographers and designers, in exploring fashion and personal stories. 

To date, the publication has successfully released 7 quarterly issues with a unique readership of about 400 per issue.

Having grown an attachment to NINTH, Tessa has since put its production on hiatus, with motivations to sharpen its character and re-emerge as a strong player that stands the test of time. With NINTH on the pipeline, every current opportunity plays a humbling part to Tessa’s journey.



AS OF SEPTEMBER 2015, NINTH HAS PAUSED PRODUCTION IN EFFORT TO RE-IMAGINE ITS FUTURE. With an attachment to NINTH Magazine and support from its readers, newer perspectives have been set in stone for the magazine's future. The decision is made with motivations to sharpen its character, in hopes of emerging as a strong player that boasts longevity.

Thank YOU for your love all this while. It is with that, that limitless possibilities can be set in stone today, and we are especially hopeful. As we don't want to lose you, please leave your email and we'll drop you an invitation when the time is finally ripe.


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